MAJESTY reveal cover artwork of upcoming album "Rebels"


More intense, more powerful and more epic – MAJESTY have reached the next stage of evolution and sound the horn of their new album "Rebels" to conquer the Heavy Metal throne. Recorded in the band's own studio and refined by the mixing and mastering of Frederik Nordsträm in the Studio Fredman, "Rebels" is the fundament for "Majesty 2.0".

Today, the band revealed the cover artwork of this upcoming album, which will be released on March 03, 2017 via NoiseArt Records.

Singer Tarek comments:
"We are happy to present you the artwork of our new album "Rebels". It exactly expresses what MAJESTY 2.0 means. Fight for your freedom and let nobody ever tell you how you should live your life!"

For questions and comments about the new album please use the hashtag #Rebels

"Rebels" needs to be heard by full volumne and thanks to it's hymns, it will live up to its status as "Majesty 2.0" on stage as well – get blown away!

MAJESTY release new studio diary - vocal recordings

MAJESTY just released a new studio diary video about the vocal recordings for their new album. Singer Tarek gives an insight on the recording process and talks about how much the new release means to him.
If the video gets more than 100 "Thumbs Up" on YouTube the band will tell the title of the new album.
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Metal Lounge with Ross The Boss

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Studio video diary with Emanuel

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Studio video diary with Robin

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Studio video diary with Alex

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Studio video diary with Jan

Check out our first studio diary video where Jan talks about the drum recordings for the new MAJESTY album which will be released in the beginning of 2017. More video diaries from the studio will come very soon. Don´t forget to comment, like and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Metal Lounge episode 1 with Saico Frier

MAJESTY has a new YouTube talkshow caled "Metal Lounge". In the first episode the guest is Saico Frier - Tarek was recently already a guest of Saico´s podcast.
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MAJESTY announce new album and short film


Singer Tarek just announced a new MAJESTY album in a YouTube video which will outshine everything the band did before. That´s why he used the term MAJESTY 2.0 to describe that the best way.
The album will be released worldwide at the beginning of 2017 via NoiseArt records!

Furthermore the band also announced a short film for one of the new songs. For this ambitious project the band needs the support from everyone who is into film-making. So if you are ready to support the band on this unique cinematic project, write an E-mail to
More info in the YouTube video.